Have you read the American Journal of Health Promotion recently?! Yeah okay, I’m sure you’re an avid subscriber. Well, if you’re a male aged above 55, then we’d like to draw your attention to a study published by them recently that discovered the more walking you do as an older man, the better your physical and mental health, and quality of life, are likely to be. So if you’re a gentleman of a certain age (by which I obviously mean to imply wisdom and distinguishment), then the benefits of walking could really play a significant role in changing your lifestyle. Our recent article on slow living is an exploration of how increasing the amount of walking you do can be a basis for a whole new way of looking at how you live, but we know that for many commitment is a concept against human nature, and perhaps a new lifestyle isn’t what you’re after. However, if you are of a disposition to get moving more than before, the figures published recently may provide you with the incentive you need to make a change for the better. Get moving in your life and perhaps you can get your life moving.

I know, I know, I have the tendency to sound like a motivational poster sometimes, it’s a personality problem. I can tell that a few of you are sitting their with your unimpressed faces on, eyebrows raised and you-can’t-teach-an-old-dog-new-tricks attitudes, side eyeing my enthusiasm with the kind of disdain that only comes from interacting with someone far too peppy for this time of the morning, but the fact remains that I’m enthusiastic for a very good reason; your wellbeing! Studies recommend time and time again that this is the best path for your fitness (pun, as always, intended). Whether the appeal of being here on the Celtic Trails website is the health aspect, the fitness, the chiseled abs of a frequent weekend walker, or just the idea of a quick break away, we want you to be aware that getting up and outside is scientifically proven to be of significant benefit to your quality of life.With an ageing population, figures likes this continue to tell us what we already know; as you get older, activity levels drop. We’re here to remind you that combatting this trend can be as simple as taking a holiday.

Perhaps you’re still not convinced, but let me draw your attention to some more numbers, this time from the publication ‘Diabetes Care’. Scientists claim that a 15-minute stroll three times a day following a meal can be just as good for you as longer stretches of exercise. By combatting spikes in blood sugar which occur after eating, the small concession to the ways of walking can dramatically cut the risk of type-2 diabetes, specifically for those most susceptible to the disease; the elderly, overweight, and those with a family history of diabetes.

So with all this evidence encouraging you to walk, what’s stopping you?


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