8 to 12 nights
87 mls (km)
Southern England
Moderate to Challenging
Mar to Oct

The Ridgeway: Walking Britain’s Oldest Road

  • The Thames Valley landscape – a mixture of ancient woodlands and well-kept country villages
  • The chalky Chiltern Hills – an undulating path of woodland and wide chalk downs
  • Ivinghoe Beacon – a prominent landmark standing 233 m high in the Chiltern Hills
  • The world-famous Avebury Stone Circle – a designated World Heritage Site dating from 2800 BC
  • Wayland’s Smithy – a Neolithic tomb site with a fantastic legend attached to it
  • Silbury Hill – the largest man-made mound in Europe
  • Liddington Castle (Hillfort) – an Iron Age hill fort and the site where King Arthur defeated the Saxon army
  • Uffington White Horse – a huge 370 ft long white horse dating from the Bronze Age
  • Various fascinating hill forts including Grim’s Ditch, Barbury and Pulpit Hill

Walking the Ridgeway

The 87 mile (139 km) Ridgeway National Trail begins at Overton Hill, near Avebury, and heads east on a long and particularly beautiful stretch of downland path along the North Wessex Downs - with wide, exhilarating views over the rolling countryside of Wiltshire.

In the Dark Ages, The Ridgeway was the main route for the Saxons and Vikings during their advances into Wessex.

The Ridgeway passes through a great number of Neolithic, Bronze age and Iron age sites such as the famous Uffington White Horse. Many observers have noted the proximity of the Ridgeway with the rash of crop circles that have emerged in the countryside alongside the route.

The Ridgeway walk map
Our Ridgeway walking route takes you from Avebury Circle to Irvinghoe Beacon

Path Walkthrough

The National Trail is well signposted, and fairly easy to follow with plenty of small villages and towns to rest, recuperate and stock up any supplies you may need while walking. Our itineraries work with the prevailing wind, meaning that although long, open sections are exposed to strong winds at times, progress along this direction is a little easier.

The Ridgeway features many long stretches through field, woodland and rights of way through farmland - mainly gentle walking along ridges and chalk valleys. The route is not without its share of short steep sections, however the majority of the route is fairly gentle and workable. Towards the end of the trail, where the route meets the North Wessex Downs you'll find steep sections are more prevalent. However, walking through this designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the views you get from a steep climb up the hills are definitely worthwhile.

Our The Ridgeway Itineraries

  • Avebury to Ivinghoe Beacon
    Distance: 87 miles (140km)
    8 Nights, 7 Days
    from £985 pp
    TR1 ~ Avebury to Ivinghoe Beacon ~ 8 / 7 classic
    Day 1Arrive Avebury 1n
    Day 2Avebury to Liddington Hill (t)17 mls /27.4 km1n
    Day 3(t) Liddington Hill to Wantage exit (t)12 mls /19.3 km1n
    Day 4(t) Wantage exit to Streatley14 mls /22.5 km1n
    Day 5Streatley to Watlington exit15.5 mls /24.9 km1n
    Day 6Watlington exit to Lower Cadsden12.5 mls /20.1 km1n
    Day 7Lower Cadsden to Aldbury exit
    plus 0.9 miles to the accommodation
    13.5 mls /21.7 km2n
    Day 8Aldbury to Ivinghoe Beacon and return to Aldbury8 mls /12.9 km
    Day 9Depart Aldbury 
    (t) = transfer required to / from the path as standard.
    (n) = no. of night's stay as standard.
    Transfers and stays may change based on availability during busy periods.

    or ask us a question
    What's Included:
    7 walking days
    8 nights
    8 breakfasts
    2024 Prices
    9 Nights, 8 Days
    from £1100 pp
    TR2 ~ Avebury to Ivinghoe Beacon ~ 9 / 8 classic
    Day 1Arrive Avebury 1n
    Day 2Avebury to Ogbourne St George exit
    plus 0.75 miles to the accommodation
    9.5 mls /15.3 km1n
    Day 3Ogbourne St George exit to Woolstone exit
    plus 1.5 miles to the accommodation
    12 mls /19.3 km1n
    Day 4Woolstone exit to Wantage exit (t)
    plus 0.5 miles to the collection point
    6.5 mls /10.5 km1n
    Day 5(t) Wantage exit to Streatley14 mls /22.5 km1n
    Day 6Streatley to Watlington exit15.5 mls /24.9 km1n
    Day 7Watlington exit to Lower Cadsden12.5 mls /20.1 km1n
    Day 8Lower Cadsden to Aldbury exit
    plus 0.9 miles to the accommodation
    13.5 mls /21.7 km2n
    Day 9Aldbury to Ivinghoe Beacon and return to Aldbury8 mls /12.9 km
    Day 10Depart Aldbury 
    (t) = transfer required to / from the path as standard.
    (n) = no. of night's stay as standard.
    Transfers and stays may change based on availability during busy periods.

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    What's Included:
    8 walking days
    9 nights
    9 breakfasts
    2024 Prices
    12 Nights, 11 Days
    from £1490 pp
    TR3 ~ Avebury to Ivinghoe Beacon ~ 12 / 11 classic
    Day 1Arrive Avebury 1n
    Day 2Avebury to Ogbourne St George exit
    plus 0.75 miles to the accommodation
    9.5 mls /15.3 km1n
    Day 3Ogbourne St George exit to Ashbury exit
    plus 0.75 miles to the accommodation
    10.2 mls /16.4 km1n
    Day 4Ashbury exit to Letcombe Regis exit
    plus 1.5 miles to the accommodation
    8.3 mls /13.4 km1n
    Day 5Letcombe Regis exit to East Ilsley exit
    plus 1.25 miles to the accommodation
    8 mls /12.9 km1n
    Day 6East Ilsley exit to Streatley6.5 mls /10.5 km1n
    Day 7Streatley to Wallingford exit
    plus 1.5 miles to the accommodation
    7 mls /11.3 km1n
    Day 8Wallingford exit to Watlington exit
    plus 0.75 miles to the accommodation
    8.5 mls /13.7 km1n
    Day 9Watlington exit to Bledlow exit (t)
    plus 0.75 miles to the collection point
    8 mls /12.9 km2n
    Day 10(t) Bledlow exit to Wendover (t)10 mls /16.1 km
    Day 11(t) Wendover to Aldbury exit
    plus 0.9 miles to the accommodation
    8 mls /12.9 km2n
    Day 12Aldbury to Ivinghoe Beacon and return to Aldbury8 mls /12.9 km
    Day 13Depart Aldbury 
    (t) = transfer required to / from the path as standard.
    (n) = no. of night's stay as standard.
    Transfers and stays may change based on availability during busy periods.

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    What's Included:
    11 walking days
    12 nights
    12 breakfasts
    2024 Prices
    • Good standard accommodation at a mixture of guesthouses, farmhouses, local inns and B&Bs with en-suite or private facilities wherever possible
    • Breakfast
    • Luggage transfers
    • Personal transfer between accommodation and path that form a part of our standard package
    • Route planning
    • Walk pack including Trail Guide and mapping, itinerary, accommodation directions and route notes, lunch and dinner information, restaurant recommendations and holiday planning details

    You choose which day you would like your holiday to start on. We will book your holiday in accordance with your requirements.

    Our The Ridgeway holidays are available to walk March to October.

    The climate of Wiltshire area is generally mild, however where you're walking across open fields and exposed to the elements you may feel the force of the winds.

    If you're arriving by public transport, you'll want to get the train to Swindon (regular services from the south, east and west) and from there catch the bus to Avebury (No. 49, runs hourly).

    If you're driving to the start of the route, car parking can be arranged at your first night’s accommodation at a rate from £5 per night (you do not pay for the night you are staying ).

    Nearest railway stations are located in Swindon (for East Kennett/Avebury) and Tring.


    Buses from Swindon to Avebury (approximately 30 minutes journey)


    Taxi transfer can be arranged from Swindon to Avebury - prices available upon request.

    If you wish to upgrade your overnight accommodation on occasion, we will be happy to arrange this wherever availability allows – prices to be advised. Looking for different mileages or a different number of nights? Please contact us to discuss how our itineraries can be adjusted to meet your specific needs. Call one of our helpful team on +44 (0)1291 689774 or e-mail us here.

    The Ridgeway Client Reviews

    4.9/5 based on 41 reviews
    The luggage transfers and lodging were wonderful! We have left our trip with a great feeling of accomplishment!
    - October 2023
    Great service and no problems with any reservations or transfers.
    - September 2023
    Celtic Trails are very professional with good attention to detail. This holiday was very grounding and stimulating.
    - June 2023
    My experience with Celtic Trails was excellent. I have already recommended them to friends and they are walking the Dales Way with them in September. Really nice accommodation, flora and fauna and great views from the higher ridges, kites and birdsong. Very well-signposted througout.
    - June 2023
    Would recommend Celtic Trails to a friend
    - May 2023
    Celtic Trails were very efficient and friendly. Everything worked well. A beautiful walk with good B&Bs. I felt a huge sense of achievement when I reached the beacon. We loved the scenery, the beech woods and the views from the downs.
    - May 2023
    I have been booking my walking holidays with Celtic Trails for 14 years and I keep coming back... I have always been confident with the judgement and arrangements made for me. My annual walking holiday and the act of building up my fitness has kept me active with a sense of well being. At 73, I am still excited about my next walking holiday with the confidence that I will not hold anybody up and my fitness will not let me down. A long distance walk gives me a sense of well being, pride that I can still do it, an opportunity to step away from normal day to day life and be myself, taking control.
    - May 2023
    The choices for stays were quite wonderful. The Dinner at the Hill Barn with Joanna was the best meal we had in England. You have done a most amazing job of organizing this. I have done this oranization/planning previously for walks in the England from the United States and was so pleased with the thouroughness of your preparation and the ease of working with you.
    - April 2023
    Celtic Trails are efficient, well organised and offer well planned itineraries. High quality accommodations and baggage transfer. I will book with them again.
    - October 2022
    Would recommend Celtic Trails. South Downs Way next.
    - September 2022
    Celtic Trails took the hassle out of planning, and booking, a long distance walk. They were very pleasant to deal with, knowledgeable, accommodating and communicative.
    - August 2022
    Celtic Trails were professional, personal and keep you informed; receptive to change and very client-focused. Better than other companies - would recommend.
    - July 2022
    Very clear organisation and documentation, very responsive on email, and extremely supportive when we had to come home early. We're looking at the Dales Way next ...
    - June 2022
    The Ridgway was just lovely. Celtic Trails are friendly, helpful and treat you as an individual. We also experienced feedback from our hosts on how they were also treated, which mirrored our experiences.
    - June 2022
    I would not hesitate to recommend Celtic Trails to a friend. I saw red kites evert day and a hare at the start and the finish - magical!
    - June 2022
    Celtic Trails were excellent - will book another walking holiday with them. I usually book my own B&Bs etc, but it would lovely to have everything done for me. The accommodation was all very good.
    - May 2022
    Every arrangement worked perfectly. Celtic Trails are a great way to do a long-distance walk with nothing to worry about except the walking. Staying in guest houses felt wonderfully luxurious - all the hosts could not have gone to more trouble looking a
    - April 2022
    Very well organised. This holiday had a terrific impact on our health and well-being. The Ridgeway has history that we love and the views were amazing. Out B&B or pub at the end of the daily walk was a mystery we enjoyed too.
    - July 2021
    A well organised walk, good service. Planning West Highland Way and Great Glen Way next.
    - June 2021
    Celtic Trails were well organised, good clear instructions. The Ridgeway is a lovely walk of 2 distinct halves - the first half is down walking along the ridge, with fantastic views. The second half more hilly in shady woods. All easy walking.
    - June 2021
    Well organised, B&Bs high standard - did recommend to other walkers were keen to use you in the future. Cam back very relaxed.
    - September 2019
    The best this is that we always knew where to sleep and eat and where to find food for the next day and ... no search for rooms by myself. Fresh air all day long, good sleep, no thoughts about everyday life or work. My legs hurt, but I feel so refreshed :-)
    - September 2019
    Celtic Trails took care of all the details - all we had to do was walk. This walk gave us increased confidence in our abilities.
    - September 2019
    A great walk - the accommodation seems to be of a better standard. An excellent company.
    - September 2019
    Prior to this holiday, we had only ever done walks independently but the smoothness of your organisation has convinced me of using you again. Well worth the extra cost, because you can relax and enjoy the walk.
    - August 2019
    Previously, we have organised accommodations ourselves and carried our belongings. We have and will recommend Celtic Trails to others - excellent organisation and service, helpful above and beyond the call. The organisation , accommodation, food were all so good, it made the walk totally relaxing and enjoyable.
    - July 2019
    We chose this walk for its history and archaeology, links to Richard Jeffries, Edward Thomas, following footsteps going back 1000s of years. Also, a chance to see some flowers and birds we don't see at home. The hedgerows, full of elderflower and honeysuckle smelt wonderful. Loved seeing the line of the Ridgeway stretching across the landscape. We have only ever walked with Celtic Trails - they can be relied on to give you all the information and help you need to have an excellent time - no worries!
    - June 2019
    Celtic Trails provided a better standard of accommodation than other companies we've walked with. I would recommend them to a friend.
    - June 2019
    Celtic Trails are a friendly company with excellent information and first class B&Bs.
    - April 2019
    Celtic Trails were very helpful.
    - September 2018
    Everything went smoothly booking the trip. All trip directions and info was very good. Also, the arrangements you made for out cab at the end of the walk was much appreciated. We most enjoyed being able to move along a route with details handled in advance for s, knowing that our evening accommodations were already secured and would be varied, but always very nice.
    - August 2018
    We have now returned home after a very enjoyable walk in the English countryside. We enjoyed our tour brilliantly. Clearly, your ability to organize tours like ours is working like clockwork and there is nothing much to point a finger at. I will not hesitate to let you organize our next adventure.
    - June 2018
    The best thing was having everything arranged for us. We were also surprised at the amount of wildlife we saw.
    - June 2018
    Heard of you via word of mouth and you didn't disappoint. You compared very well with another company we have used previously. We most enjoyed the exceptional weather, good walking conditions and beautiful countryside.
    - May 2018
    Very well organised - we would choose you again. The accommodation was all good/excellent, with good service.
    - May 2018
    All we can say is THANK YOU!
    - May 2018
    Just as promised. Excellent.
    - May 2018
    "Impeccable logistics, we always trust Celtic Trails to select first-rate accommodation - our first choice for walks in the UK."
    - April 2018
    "Celtic Trails' organisation was excellent."
    - May 2017
    "A brilliant holiday well organised."
    - April 2017
    "Celtic Trails exceeds expectations. [I enjoyed] taking the walk in the knowledge that everything else was organised for us. I have to admit we did not believe everything would go so smoothly, but everything worked according to your very detailed plans. Thank you for making this such an excellent walk."
    - July 2016
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