3 to 16 nights
14 to 136 mls (km)
Welsh Borders
Easy to Moderate
Mar to Oct

Idyllic Woodland Scenery on the Wye Valley Walk

  • The historic ruins of Tintern Abbey cut an impressive figure in the landscape
  • Visit the charming riverside town of Ross-on-Wye
  • Goodrich Castle, a huge Norman castle between Monmouth and Ross-on-Wye
  • See the 'Mappa Mundi' (a spiritual as well as geographical map of the medieval world) at Hereford Cathedral
  • Hay-on-Wye, 'Book Capital of the World' with a world-famous annual festival of literature
  • Important habitat for peregrine falcons, red kites and riverside species

Walking The Wye Valley

The 136 mile (218 km) route follows the lower border between Wales and England. There are few challenges present with walks in the Wye Valley, as you follow the well-trodden route through the dramatic limestone gorges that define this area. Walking through a protected area, allows for a more reflective experience as the trail weaves through the rolling countryside of Herefordshire and the remote green uplands of Mid-Wales.

Don't forget your binoculars, the route is a haven for wildlife; characteristic fork-tailed red kites, a peregrine falcon breeding stronghold, flashes of cobalt-blue kingfishers and a array of river life including otter and perhaps a shy water vole. The walk takes place in a recognised 'Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty' - a natural beauty that has reclaimed a 1600s landscape famed for its industrial innovation. The forts and castle ruins of borderland conflicts, industrial heritage and old red sandstone cliffs carved by the Wye combine to offer a one of a kind walk.

You'll encounter national icon Tintern Abbey with its seven-lancet window and soaring arches, the only remaining fortified river bridge in Britain with its gate tower in Monmouth, world-famous Mappa Mundi exhibition in Hereford and the 11th century Goodrich Castle. The walk routes through the areas most famous old book-town, with walks around Hay-on-Wye. These are just a few of the many interesting places you can take time to explore and unwind along the way.

Where is the Wye Valley Walk?

Skirting the border between England and Wales, The Wye Valley is an internationally protected Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It's a predominantly rural region with dense woodland, riverside walks and climbs through forest tracks - offering you far reaching vantage points over the river valley.

Celtic Trails is based in the Wye Valley, and is the leading organiser of walking holidays on this interesting and enjoyable walk. You stay in comfortable accommodation along the way and each day your luggage is transported forward - while we take care of all the details.

Wye Valley Walk Map
Celtic Trails map detailing the Wye Valley Walk from Chepstow to Rhyd y Benwch (Llangurig)

Path Walkthrough

The going underfoot along the Wye Valley will vary quite often, with idle stretches along the river interspersed with short, sharp sections climbing through forest tracks. That being said, the climb up does bring great rewards, with dedicated viewing platforms stationed along the valley - there really are some spectacular vantage points along your way. The best part of walking the Wye Valley will be spent bypassing mellow villages and walking out of dense woodland tracks into airy field tops, as you follow the river to its source in Rhyd y Benwch.

For such a long stretch of trail, there is surprisingly little compromise made in terms of tarmac. In fact, a lot of the route is fairly wild and rural, with very little in terms of development. Although this means that the route can be fairly unruly, it also means that a lot of the landscape stays intact, including the remnants of a more industrious past, with  Victorian paper mills and railway lines left among the tributaries.

For a fantastic introduction to the “Picturesque Beauty” of the Wye Valley - we've launched a 3 and 5 day itinerary to celebrate the 250th anniversary of William Gilpin taking the Wye Tour, learn more here.

Our Wye Valley Walk Itineraries

  • Chepstow Castle to Rhyd Y Benwch
    Distance: 136 miles (218.5km)
    16 Nights, 15 Days
    from £1850 pp
    Chepstow Castle to Rhyd Y Benwch
        16 nights, 15 days
    Ref: WVW1
    Grade: Classic
    13 Nights, 12 Days
    from £1585 pp
    Chepstow Castle to Rhyd Y Benwch
        13 nights, 12 days
    Ref: WVW2
    Grade: Classic
  • Chepstow Castle to Hay on Wye
    Distance: 76.25 miles (122.5km)
    10 Nights, 9 Days
    from £1195 pp
    Chepstow Castle to Hay on Wye
        10 nights, 9 days
    Ref: WVW3
    Grade: Classic
    8 Nights, 7 Days
    from £990 pp
    Chepstow Castle to Hay on Wye
        8 nights, 7 days
    Ref: WVW4
    Grade: Classic
  • Chepstow Castle to Hereford
    Distance: 52 miles (83.5km)
    7 Nights, 6 Days
    from £820 pp
    Chepstow Castle to Hereford
        7 nights, 6 days
    Ref: WVW5
    Grade: Classic
    6 Nights, 5 Days
    from £745 pp
    Chepstow Castle to Hereford
        6 nights, 5 days
    Ref: WVW6
    Grade: Classic
  • Hay on Wye to Rhyd Y Benwch
    Distance: 62 miles (99.5km)
    7 Nights, 6 Days
    from £820 pp
    Hay on Wye to Rhyd Y Benwch
        7 nights, 6 days
    Ref: WVW7
    Grade: Classic
    6 Nights, 5 Days
    from £720 pp
    Hay on Wye to Rhyd Y Benwch
        6 nights, 5 days
    Ref: WVW8
    Grade: Classic
  • A Taste Of The Wye Valley
    Distance: 14 miles (22.5km)
    3 Nights, 2 Days
    from £365 pp
    A Taste Of The Wye Valley
        3 nights, 2 days
    Ref: WVW-TIN1
    Grade: Classic

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    What's Included:
    2 walking days
    3 nights
    3 breakfasts
    2024 Prices

    Single centre break based in Tintern, exploring the lower Wye Valley.

    • Good standard accommodation at a mixture of guesthouses, farmhouses, local inns and B&Bs with en-suite or private facilities wherever possible
    • Breakfast
    • Luggage transfers
    • Personal transfer between accommodation and path that form a part of our standard package
    • Route planning
    • Walk pack including Trail Guide and mapping, itinerary, accommodation directions and route notes, lunch and dinner information, restaurant recommendations and holiday planning details

    You choose which day you would like your holiday to start on. We will book your holiday in accordance with your requirements.

    Our Wye Valley Walk holidays are available to walk March to October.

    The Wye Valley can be walked quite comfortably in most seasons, depending on the section and undertaking involved.

    Walkers may want to consider visiting in Autumn, when the surrounding valley woodlands are lit up in colours of red and gold - it's an ideal place to witness one of nature's most dazzling phenomena.


    Railway stations are located in Chepstow and Llandrindod Wells, Caersws.



    Bus stations are located in Chepstow and Llangurig, Llanidloes.



    If you prefer to arrive by car, we can advise on car parking arrangements at the start of your walk and transfers back to your vehicle at the end.


    Llangurig to Llandrindod Wells - prices available upon request.

    Llangurig to Caersws - prices available upon request.

    Llangurig to Chepstow - prices available upon request.

    Chepstow Railway Station to Chepstow accommodation - prices available upon request.

    If you wish to upgrade your overnight accommodation on occasion, we will be happy to arrange this wherever availability allows - prices to be advised The Official Guide Book should be sufficient to undertake this walk, but if you would like the relevant OS maps we can supply these at a reduced cost. The maps required to cover the whole path are:  OS Explorer 13, 14, 188, 189, 200, 201, 202 and 214 Looking for different mileages or a different number of nights? Please contact us to discuss how our itineraries can be adjusted to meet your specific needs. Call one of our helpful team on +44 (0)1291 689774 or e-mail us here.

    Wye Valley Walk Client Reviews

    4.7/5 based on 49 reviews
    I would recommend Celtic Trails to my friends. The walk has had a great improvement on my health.
    - May 2024
    Celtic Trails were really friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. I feel great having completed the walk.
    - April 2024
    A wonderful weekend together with Celtic Trails.
    - October 2023
    Excellent tour company! Well organized, responsive, friendly, detail oriented.
    - September 2023
    Celtic Trails made it easy by saving me lots of time on planning the trip. They know the area and service providers well. The B&Bs and taxi companies all have good relationships with Celtic. It was well worth the money.
    - September 2023
    It was very enjoyable and we were very impressed with the hotel. All the information provided was excellent and easy to follow. On the phone Celtic Trails were very friendly and helpful.
    - September 2023
    Celtic Trails efficiently organised the trip exactly as I wanted.
    - September 2023
    Great service and helpful staff. Everything?s went very smoothly.
    - September 2023
    With Celtic Trails, you don?t have to worry about any of the details and can just enjoy the experience of the walk. Someone else has you covered when it comes to the finer details, which is definitely a load off!
    - July 2023
    We found a section of the Wye Valley trail very difficult to plan accommodation without the help of Celtic Trails.
    - July 2023
    We would definitely do a long distance walking holiday again. Celtic walks were well organised, helpful and everything ran smoothly.
    - July 2023
    We always get a very good service with Celtic Trails. Good documentation. Superb and reassuring level of service this time when one of the party had a knee injury. Great support from Sarah in the office
    - June 2023
    Celtic Trails were excellent to deal with, most helpful with advice and there for backup if you got into any trouble. We enjoyed the beautiful scenery and loved the various villages we came across and stayed in. We were surprised at the few people who were walking the Wye Valley Walk. In 15 days of walking we saw a handful only.
    - May 2023
    Our experience with Celtic Trails was excellent. Much better than other companies. Well organised. "On top of everything." All you have to do is walk and enjoy. I would recommend them. I would like to do several of your walks in Wales and England, as well as the walk in Aragon, Spain.
    - March 2023
    Celtic Trails allowed us to have a stress free walking holiday. A really beautiful area - was surprised how few people we saw.
    - September 2022
    Celtic Trails were well organised, covered all the details, were accommodating, flexible and friendly. They were so helpful. We appreciated the delivery of trekking poles to our first inn, and Kate's taxi arrangements when I wanted a shorter day.
    - September 2022
    Celtic Trails were very responsive, helpful and thorough. Great maps and notes. Kate was especially helpful. After being badly let down by another company (with whom we did the southern half of the walk in Sept 19(, we could not have been more delight
    - September 2022
    I would certainly not hesitate to recommend Celtic Trails to anyone - excellent organisation, very responsive, excellent descriptions of the walks, with lots of options.
    - September 2022
    Our experience with Celtic Trails was excellent. Would recommend.
    - September 2022
    Our experience with Celtic Trails was professional, reliable and enjoyable. The Wye Valley was a beautiful part of the country - the trail was quieter that we expected. The opportunity to visit Chepstow and Goodrich castles, Tintern Abbey and Hereford Cathedral was a real bonus.
    - July 2022
    Lovely walking with good B&Bs, good baggage carriers and good book and map guidance. Thank you for a great holiday. Considering Ireland next.
    - July 2022
    Celtic Trails were excellent. Always there to help with transport or lodging issues. Reliable and detailed planning insured a good walking trip.
    - June 2022
    Celtic Trails were very organised. It is always positive to walk - rain or shine.
    - June 2022
    With Celtic Trails you get well-planned walks, trouble-free transfers and helpful staff. The Wye Valley walk foes through beautiful and quiet scenery and deserves to be better known.
    - May 2022
    Celtic Trails were friendly, accessible and local to the Wye Valley area. Most enjoyed the bluebells and birdsong and people along the way.
    - April 2022
    Efficient service, prompt responses, excellent information. The beauty of this walked lifted our spirits. We have experiences trekkers, both here and overseas, and this was as lovely as any.
    - April 2022
    This was a great route. Celtic Trails offer great peace of mind in terms of the logistics, especially given Covid uncertainties. We were delighted to see different landscapes after 2 years of staying at home.
    - March 2022
    We have always walked with Celtic Trails. All very enjoyable and more than exceeded expectations, thank you. It was good to have such an enjoyable week after lockdown.
    - September 2021
    We have always walked with Celtic Trails. All very enjoyable and more than exceeded expectations, thank you. It was good to have such an enjoyable week after lockdown.
    - September 2021
    Tintern Short Break - Celtic Trails are friendly, helpful, efficient. We liked the idea of being able to park our car and stay at one accommodation to get used to being out and about again. We have booked the Coleridge Way and would like to complete the Wye Valley Walk next.
    - June 2021
    Celtic Trails were helpful and efficient.
    - June 2021
    Celtic Trails are a wonderful company that goes out of their way to help you when needed and books the most magnificent B&Bs.
    - November 2019
    Thanks for everything, Kate - I look forward to planning next years trip. I would describe Celtic Trails as friendly, efficient, supportive and gracious. These walks restore my soul - that i why I do them
    - November 2019
    Walk not too difficult, lovely scenery, good accommodation. Wye Valley sign are not always clear / visible, especially in the latter stages of the walk.
    - September 2019
    Celtic Trails are better than other companies - they provide more detailed information, are efficient, organised and professional.
    - May 2019
    Always wanted to walk the Wye Valley - loved the wooded sections. Celtic Trails were: Efficient. Organised. Professional.
    - May 2019
    I would describe my experience with Celtic Trails as trouble free.
    - April 2019
    The best thing about this holiday was the good organisation and the very friendly people. All of the accommodation was very good, too.
    - October 2018
    We love your choice of B&Bs - top notch! We heard about you via an article in the New York Times; we hadn't walked with a company before, only on our own, but we WOULD walk with you again.
    - September 2018
    We would use you again.
    - September 2018
    We could find no fault with Celtic Trails.
    - August 2018
    We thought that section around Symonds Yat Rock was absolutely stunning - so peaceful and beautiful. Thank you.
    - August 2018
    We most enjoyed the wonderful hill scenery - especially the start to Erwood
    - July 2018
    We most enjoyed the beautiful countryside - each day was completely different.
    - June 2018
    We had a very good holiday and loved the Wye Valley Trail.
    - May 2018
    We most enjoyed the scenery, the people and the hosts.
    - May 2018
    "Thank you for your friendly professional service."
    - October 2016
    "I like being able to focus on the walking, knowing the details are being taken care of. Thanks again for another lovely walking holiday – I recommend you to all my friends."
    - September 2016
    "[I enjoyed] the variety of the landscape, the river, the silence - all in all there is not much tarmac on this walk. I find walking a long-distance track most relaxing, especially when there is enough time and only a light backpack to carry. There is nothing much to decide. You just get up in the morning and go on. It’s a very good way to slow down."
    - August 2016
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