5 to 8 nights
62 to 62 mls (km)
North East England
Easy to Challenging
Mar to Oct

Cliffs and Castles on The Northumberland Coast Path

  • A walk that incorporates some of the country's most impressive castles, Warkworth, Bamburgh and Dunstanburgh among them
  • End your walk among the genteel streets of Berwick-upon-Tweed
  • Walk through a coastal landscape that has been designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty
  • Stop by in the seaside villages of Craster and Seahouses
  • An iconic British landscape depicted in the paintings of Lowry and Turner

Walking the Northumberland Coast Path

The Northumberland Coast Path begins in the south at Creswell (near Morpeth) and finishes at Berwick-upon-Tweed-on the Scottish border. The Northumberland Coast Path meanders past golden dunes, sea bird colonies (particularly offshore on the Farne Islands – a worthwhile detour), nature reserves and stunning cliff scenery.

You come across the formidable masses of ancient castles at Warkworth, Dunstanburgh and Bamburgh- a romantic ruin jutting out into the crashing waves. You encounter the attractive old coastal villages of Alnmouth, Boulmer and Seahouses, as well as the unspoilt old harbours at St. Abbs and Craster – be sure not to miss a smoked kipper supper in Craster.

📷Warkworth Castle Warkworth-Castle-Northumberland-Coast-Path

Wild and Beautiful Coastline with Walking Holidays in Northumberland

The route briefly converges with St. Cuthbert's Way, which then passes close to the dramatic overhang of St. Cuthbert's Cave - a perfect vantage point for the glorious views of the Northumberland coast.

There is the option to visit Lindisfarne, Holy Island - accessible at low tide across the causeway. Its monastery became a centre for Christian learning and writing with the well known Lindisfarne Gospels, as well as a popular place of pilgrimage.

Clifftop paths descend to the end of your walk in historic Berwick-upon-Tweed, the capital of the Borders. Berwick was a Royal Burgh of Scotland in 1120 and during the many centuries of border warfare changed hands no fewer than 14 times, the last being in 1482.

With its magnificent town walls, spectacular riverside and bridges at the mouth of the River Tweed, Berwick is one of the most picturesque towns on the region's coast and well worth an extra day spent at the end of your holiday.

For detailed itineraries, further information or advice on walking Northumberland Coast Path, call or email our walk team today. We will be delighted to speak to you about our walking holiday along the Northumbrian coast.

Walking Map for the Northumberland Coast Path
Our Northumberland walking holiday takes you along the coast from Cresswell to Berwick on Tweed

Path Walkthrough

The Northumberland Coast Path meets sweeping sections of beach, dunes and the headlands of this quiet section of north-eastern coastline. The path will divert inland occasionally, with long stretches through open field. While walking, you may be struck by the remote and uncrowded nature of the path, with the most populous areas being the traditional North Sea fishing villages and genteel towns found along the coast.

On your way across the coastal landscape of Northumberland, you'll find ruins of castles (such as Dunstanburgh Castle, on the Craster to Seahouses section) as the route circumvents estuaries and winds its way around the myriad of marinas and long, windswept beaches found en route. There are sections along paved roads on this route, and although the path is not crowded, passing cyclists will be frequent enough for walkers to maintain an awareness of their presence.

Our Northumberland Coast Path Itineraries

  • Warkworth to Berwick-Upon-Tweed
    Distance: 62 miles (99.5km)
    7 Nights, 6 Days
    from £890 pp
    NCC1 ~ Warkworth to Berwick-Upon-Tweed ~ 7 / 6 classic
    Day 1Arrive Warkworth 2n
    Day 2(t) Cresswell to Warkworth10.5 mls /16.9 km
    Day 3Warkworth to Craster (t)13 mls /20.9 km2n
    Day 4(t) Craster to Seahouses9.6 mls /15.4 km
    Day 5Seahouses to Belford10.5 mls /16.9 km2n
    Day 6Belford to Beal Causeway (t)8.6 mls /13.8 km
    Day 7(t) Beal to Berwick upon Tweed9 mls /14.5 km1n
    Day 8Depart Berwick-Upon-Tweed 
    (t) = transfer required to / from the path as standard.
    (n) = no. of night's stay as standard.
    Transfers and stays may change based on availability during busy periods.

    or ask us a question
    What's Included:
    6 walking days
    7 nights
    7 breakfasts
    2024 Prices
    6 Nights, 5 Days
    from £750 pp
    NCC2 ~ Warkworth to Berwick-Upon-Tweed ~ 6 / 5 classic
    Day 1Arrive Warkworth 2n
    Day 2(t) Cresswell to Warkworth10.5 mls /16.9 km
    Day 3Warkworth to Craster13 mls /20.9 km1n
    Day 4Craster to Bamburgh14 mls /22.5 km1n
    Day 5Bamburgh to Fenwick12.5 mls /20.1 km1n
    Day 6Fenwick to Berwick-upon-Tweed12 mls /19.3 km1n
    Day 7Depart Berwick-Upon-Tweed 
    (t) = transfer required to / from the path as standard.
    (n) = no. of night's stay as standard.
    Transfers and stays may change based on availability during busy periods.

    or ask us a question
    What's Included:
    5 walking days
    6 nights
    6 breakfasts
    2024 Prices
    8 Nights, 7 Days
    from £1030 pp
    NCC0 ~ Warkworth to Berwick-Upon-Tweed ~ 8 / 7 classic
    Day 1Arrive Warkworth 3n
    Day 2(t) Cresswell to Warkworth10.5 mls /16.9 km
    Day 3Warkworth to Alnmouth (t)5.5 mls /8.9 km
    Day 4(t) Alnmouth to Craster (t)7.5 mls /12.1 km2n
    Day 5(t) Craster to Seahouses9.6 mls /15.4 km
    Day 6Seahouses to Belford10.5 mls /16.9 km2n
    Day 7Belford to Beal Causeway (t)8.6 mls /13.8 km
    Day 8(t) Beal to Berwick upon Tweed9 mls /14.5 km1n
    Day 9Depart Berwick-Upon-Tweed 
    (t) = transfer required to / from the path as standard.
    (n) = no. of night's stay as standard.
    Transfers and stays may change based on availability during busy periods.

    or ask us a question
    What's Included:
    7 walking days
    8 nights
    8 breakfasts
    2024 Prices
  • Alnmouth to Berwick-Upon-Tweed
    Distance: 62 miles (99.5km)
    5 Nights, 4 Days
    from £680 pp
    NCC3 ~ Alnmouth to Berwick-Upon-Tweed ~ 5 / 4 classic
    Day 1Arrive Alnmouth 2n
    Day 2(t) Cresswell to Alnmouth16 mls /25.7 km
    Day 3Alnmouth to Seahouses17.5 mls /28.2 km1n
    Day 4Seahouses to Fenwick16.5 mls /26.6 km1n
    Day 5Fenwick to Berwick-upon-Tweed12 mls /19.3 km1n
    Day 6Depart Berwick-Upon-Tweed 
    (t) = transfer required to / from the path as standard.
    (n) = no. of night's stay as standard.
    Transfers and stays may change based on availability during busy periods.

    or ask us a question
    What's Included:
    4 walking days
    5 nights
    5 breakfasts
    2024 Prices
    • Good standard accommodation at a mixture of guesthouses, farmhouses, local inns and B&Bs with en-suite or private facilities wherever possible
    • Breakfast
    • Luggage transfers
    • Personal transfer between accommodation and path that form a part of our standard package
    • Route planning
    • Walk pack including Trail Guide and mapping, itinerary, accommodation directions and route notes, lunch and dinner information, restaurant recommendations and holiday planning details

    You choose which day you would like your holiday to start on. We will book your holiday in accordance with your requirements.

    Our Northumberland Coast Path holidays are available to walk March to October.

    We advise walking this route between spring and autumn.  As the bulk of this route crosses through long open stretches along the coast, you'll be walking with the prevailing wind. We advise bringing windproof clothing to make progress on this path a little easier.

    Nearest airports are located in Newcastle and Edinburgh

    Railway stations are located in Berwick-upon-TweedAlnmouth and Morpeth.


    Bus stations are located in Warkworth (20 minutes ride from Alnmouth Train Station) and Bamburgh (40 minutes ride from Berwick-upon-Tweed)

    If you prefer to arrive by car, we can advise on car parking arrangements.


    Berwick upon Tweed to Warkworth - prices available upon request.

    Looking for different mileages or a different number of nights? Please contact us to discuss how our itineraries can be adjusted to meet your specific needs. Call one of our helpful team on +44 (0)1291 689774 or e-mail us here.

    Northumberland Coast Path Client Reviews

    4.7/5 based on 32 reviews
    If you are looking to go on a long hike and want someone else to handle the details, Celtic Trails is who you should work with--they will exceed your expectations!
    - July 2023
    We have recommended Celtic Trails to at least 5 other couples. We know we an rely on Celtic Trails for a pleasant and fun experience.
    - July 2023
    All of our trips with your company have been very enjoyable, both in England and Scotland.
    - July 2023
    Celtic Trails were outstanding. We have recommended Celtic Trails countless times! There is something that just feels "right" about long-distance walking. Our bodies are made for the rhythm and pace, plus it gives you time to notice the surroundings on a very human scale. Walking outside every day does wonders for one's mental health, in addition to the physical benefits of cardiovascular exercise. In addition to the 6-7 days of walking, we have the benefits of several months of "training" before beginning the walk. "What other walks does Celtic Trails offer?" is usually where we begin our plans for our next holiday.
    - July 2023
    Celtic Trails were hassle free, helpful. Everything worked like clockwork. Lots of information sent out in the Walk Pack. This walk was a very uplifting experience. Superb scenery, beautiful beaches - we could have been anywhere in the world. Enjoyed Bamburgh Castle and Lindisfarne.
    - June 2023
    On basis of our experience in this country Celtic Trails would be our first choice to book another holiday subject to finding something suitable.
    - June 2023
    Oh, goodness. Each of the four accommodations was exceptionally good. All of our hosts were amongst the best we've ever had. Everything was good - excellent assistance from Nathan. Celtic Trails are much better than other companies. We would, and do recommend them, regularly.
    - March 2023
    Celtic Trails were excellent. Very well organised. Everything happened as arranged. Loved the accommodation chosen. Helpful and friendly staff. Happy to offer flexibility in arrangements (Nathan). Good communication from company. All of us *mum, m
    - August 2022
    Celtic Trails were very professional and well organised. We would recommend them.
    - June 2022
    Celtic Trails offer a prompt and personalised service. Nathan was extremely helpful and professional. This was the first time we have used a company to organise everything and it was a great experience, taking a lot of the planning time and making it muc
    - June 2022
    An excellent experience. Very well organised in all aspects. Accommodation of a high standard. Very pleased with everything. This was our first walk with Celtic. Will defo be booking again and will recommend to friends. Appreciated that you could tailor the walk to what we wanted in terms of distances.
    - September 2021
    A helpful company who will always try to accommodate your requirements. After 18 months of Covid issues, seeing a new part of the country and putting one foot in front of the other was an absolute tonic. Northumberland is a special place to 2 members of our party and now, because of this walk, we all have some lovely treasured memories. Walking across the Pilgrim route to Holy Island was special, as was swimming in the sea on our finals day's walk - perfect!
    - September 2021
    Walking is always good for the body and soul, especially in these troublesome times. Celtic Trails were helpful; good communications. Excellent walks.
    - September 2021
    The escape from home after being "locked down" for 18 months has been very positive to our mental well-being. The coast of Northumberland was a great find. Stunning beaches and amazing castles.
    - August 2021
    A lovely walk - wonderful scenery. Celtic Trails were very good.
    - July 2021
    High quality of accommodation, good information package and good service. Celtic Trails took all the hassle out of organising my walking holiday.
    - July 2021
    Celtic Trails take the stress out of organising the trip, finding the best accommodation and guide book and transfers to make it all run swimmingly.
    - June 2021
    I would describe Celtic Trails as friendly, knowledgable, flexible and would highly recommend. We both know Northumerland in parts, but were still awestruck by the scenery. Starting in Tynemouth meant we saw the full extent of the coast, including the grittier parts, which add context to the area and its history.
    - June 2021
    Lovely walk
    - September 2020
    Everything was excellent. Celtic Trails were well-organised, used superior accommodation and gave excellent advise and notes. Such beautiful scenery - you can't help but feel uplifted.
    - September 2019
    Beautiful route, very lucky with weather, peak period but not too busy. Good to be active and in the fresh air. Detailed provision of information.
    - September 2019
    All accommodation excellent. Very efficient. A good break.
    - July 2019
    We would recommend Celtic Trails to a friend - friendly and comprehensive service. The NCP has very beautiful scenery - the sandy beaches, the dunes, amazing wild flowers and birds. Excellent and not too hilly. And of course we had excellent weather. In retrospect, it would have been good to have had at least one extra day - Holy Island or Farne Islands, but we did not have time to spare for that.
    - June 2019
    Easy booking; taking care of you when arriving by train; very good B&B choices.
    - May 2019
    We most enjoyed the spectacular scenery and the friendly reception at the guest houses.
    - October 2018
    We have walked with you several times and you met our expectations again. We most enjoyed the sea, the sun, the wood, the fresh air and the flowers.
    - August 2018
    Organization, transfers of luggage and taxis etc all good. Thanks.
    - August 2018
    I have walked with you a few times before and you met my expectations again. I loved the massive beaches.
    - July 2018
    An excellent job done.
    - June 2018
    "This is our third walk with Celtic Trails. We have done walks with other companies and Celtic Trails is the best company we’ve used. You are very responsive, through (a taxi driver told us you were the best company to deal with – others were sloppy) and provided good accommodation. We don’t have to worry about anything – everything has been taken care of."
    - May 2016
    "I wanted to thank you for providing one of the very best vacations of our lives. You planned our walking infrastructure down to a "T", but always allowing us the choice of veering off from the plan. Your maps, trail books, and day-by-day destination sheets were impeccable. All we had to do was walk and find adventure. We did."
    - September 2015
    "This was a delightful return to a lovely part of Britain, you have arranged us yet another excellent holiday. You have a real gift for choosing accommodation and your prices are more than fair. We will be back (that's a promise, not a threat)."
    - August 2015
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