4 to 9 nights
37 to 108 mls (km)
Southwest Ireland
Apr to Oct

Walking The Dingle Way

  • Opportunity to scale the highest point on the Dingle Peninsula - Mt. Brandon
  • Take a day trip ferry to the Blasket Islands and witness nature thriving in a truly wild part of the coast
  • A historic landscape dotted with the remains of old churches and ancient stone forts
  • Friendly pubs and traditional music at Dingle town and harbour
  • Find peace of mind walking along many of the path's secluded beaches
  • The heart of one of Ireland's most popular Gaeltacht areas - one of Europe's oldest languages in wide use
  • Beautiful stretches of coastal walking from Ventry to Slea Head
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Hiking the Emerald Isle

Along the 80 miles (130 km) section of the Dingle Way we offer, this beautiful walking holiday in Ireland traverses pristine sandy beaches bordering on crystal seas, fuchsia and gorse-lined green roads which lead through pastoral countryside and mountain passes up to 700 meters (2,000 ft) high. This is the site where ancient Bronze Age and Celtic peoples lived for thousands of years, host to gannets and shearwaters in endless flight above wave battered cliffs and red-beaked chough among the purple Devonian sandstone boulders along the shore.

Slí Chorca Dhuibhne is more than nature at its finest - it is Gaelic culture at its best. On The Dingle Way much of your walking will take you through the heart of the Dingle Gaeltacht, one of the few remaining Irish speaking areas in Ireland. Here Irish music, dance and traditional ways live on in a vibrant culture that welcomes you at every turn. In the evening, after your day's walk, you'll enjoy home-cooked traditional Irish meals or local seafood in one of the peninsula's many fine restaurants. Afterwards, there's traditional music and Irish set dancing to savour at many pubs around the peninsula.

Dingle Way walk map
Our Dingle Walking Holidays take you on a walk around the peninsula, starting in Camp

Path Walkthrough

Gradually rising out of the valley from Camp, the walk continues onto Inch Beach, the small summit of Knockafeehane, before descending into Annascaul. The road departing Annascaul follows the busy Tralee – Dingle road before joining quieter paths falling beside the 16th century Minard Castle.

From Dingle the path makes a descent toward the pier at Dunquin, following cliff and beach. The path leaves surfaced road and reaches the highest ascent (650m along Mt. Brandon) of the journey. Toward Castlegregory, the path follows Ireland's longest beach before making its way along the shore (or cliffs at high-tide).

Our Dingle Way Itineraries

  • Tralee to Tralee
    Distance: 108 miles (173.5km)
    9 Nights, 8 Days
    from £1495 pp
    DIN0 ~ Tralee to Tralee ~ 9 / 8 classic
    Day 1Arrive Tralee 1n
    Day 2Tralee to Camp12 mls /19.3 km1n
    Day 3Camp to Annascaul10.6 mls /17.1 km1n
    Day 4Annascaul to Dingle13.7 mls /22 km1n
    Day 5Dingle to Dunquin12.4 mls /20 km1n
    Day 6Dunquin to Feohanagh13 mls /20.9 km1n
    Day 7Foot of Mount Brandon to Cloghane13 mls /20.9 km1n
    Day 8Cloghane to Castlegregory
    but this can be shortened to approx 14 miles if you omit the walk around the full tip of the Magharees Peninsula
    18 mls /29 km1n
    Day 9Castlegregory to Tralee16.5 mls /26.6 km1n
    Day 10Depart Tralee 
    (t) = transfer required to / from the path as standard.
    (n) = no. of night's stay as standard.
    Transfers and stays may change based on availability during busy periods.

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    What's Included:
    8 walking days
    9 nights
    9 breakfasts,
    7 packed lunches 1 evening meal in Cloghane
    Two sharing ppSolo walkerSingle person (in a group)
    01/04/2024 - 30/04/2024£1,495£2,015£1,835
    01/05/2024 - 30/09/2024£1,535£2,055£1,875
    01/10/2024 - 31/10/2024£1,495£2,015£1,835

  • Camp to Castlegregory
    Distance: 80 miles (128.5km)
    7 Nights, 6 Days
    from £1180 pp
    DIN1 ~ Camp to Castlegregory ~ 7 / 6 classic
    Day 1Arrive Camp 1n
    Day 2Camp to Annascaul10.6 mls /17.1 km1n
    Day 3Annascaul to Dingle13.7 mls /22 km1n
    Day 4Dingle to Dunquin12.4 mls /20 km1n
    Day 5Dunquin to Feohanagh13 mls /20.9 km1n
    Day 6Foot of Mount Brandon to Cloghane13 mls /20.9 km1n
    Day 7Cloghane to Castlegregory
    but this can be shortened to approx 14 miles if you omit the walk around the full tip of the Magharees Peninsula
    18 mls /29 km1n
    Day 8Depart Castlegregory 
    (t) = transfer required to / from the path as standard.
    (n) = no. of night's stay as standard.
    Transfers and stays may change based on availability during busy periods.

    or ask us a question
    What's Included:
    6 walking days
    7 nights
    7 breakfasts,
    6 packed lunches,
    1 evening meal
    Two sharing ppSolo walkerSingle person (in a group)
    01/04/2024 - 30/04/2024£1,180£1,625£1,455
    01/05/2024 - 30/09/2024£1,215£1,655£1,485
    01/10/2024 - 31/10/2024£1,180£1,625£1,455

  • Dingle to Cloghane
    Distance: 37 miles (59.5km)
    4 Nights, 3 Days
    from £810 pp
    DIN2 ~ Dingle to Cloghane ~ 4 / 3 classic
    Day 1Arrive Dingle 1n
    Day 2Dingle to Dunquin12.4 mls /20 km1n
    Day 3Dunquin to Feohanagh13 mls /20.9 km1n
    Day 4Foot of Mount Brandon to Cloghane13 mls /20.9 km1n
    Day 5Depart Cloghane 
    (t) = transfer required to / from the path as standard.
    (n) = no. of night's stay as standard.
    Transfers and stays may change based on availability during busy periods.

    or ask us a question
    What's Included:
    3 walking days
    4 nights
    4 breakfasts,
    3 packed lunches,
    1 evening meal
    Two sharing ppSolo walkerSingle person (in a group)
    01/04/2024 - 30/04/2024£810£1,145£985
    01/05/2024 - 30/09/2024£830£1,165£1,005
    01/10/2024 - 31/10/2024£810£1,145£985

    • Good standard B&B accommodation together with luggage transfers
    • Pick up at Tralee Train/Bus station on first day and transfer to your first accommodation
    • Walk pack (one per two walkers) containing a trail guide and maps, walk itinerary with accommodation directions
    • Transfer to foot of Mt. Brandon
    DIN1 includes:
    • 6 packed lunches
    • 1 evening meal
    DIN2 includes:
    • 3 packed lunches
    • 1 evening meal

    You choose which day you would like your holiday to start on. We will book your holiday in accordance with your requirements.

    Our Dingle Way holidays are available to walk April to October.

    The Irish weather is famously changeable, so when it comes to pinpointing the best time to visit - you can only really give an educated guess. However, light conditions up until the end of October are generally favourable and you're also less likely to be pestered by insects around early autumn. Any time between May and October should be a safe bet for walking through Ireland.

    Irish weather conditions are mild, albeit changeable. Although you're unlikely to experience any extreme weather while you're over, prolonged rain will of course result in muddy/boggy conditions so please dress appropriately. Needless to say, waterproof gear is a must while hiking through Ireland.

    There’s a climb over the shoulder of Mt. Brandon on the Glaise Bheag to Cloghane section, and on days with wet weather conditions – visibility is poor. Although hiking this section in high winds is not advised, the walk itself is not technically difficult and you should find the road nothing more than a little rugged. If it's a clear day, you'll be blessed with world-class views from Mt. Brandon, from there it's worth taking a detour to the cosy pubs at Brandon Village.

    By Air: Kerry airport (often referred to as Farranfore airport), is a small regional airport with an average of three flights running from London per day.

    For more flight times, it’s worth giving much larger airports such as Cork or Dublin a look. This shouldn't be a problem, although you may find travelling to Dublin or Cork International Airport, with a connecting flight to Kerry or train to Tralee serves your needs better.

    By Rail: A train between Tralee and Dublin should take anywhere between  3 1/2 to 4 hours :


    Between Cork and Tralee – 1 1/2  hours:


    Looking for different mileages or a different number of nights? Please contact us to discuss how our itineraries can be adjusted to meet your specific needs. Call one of our helpful team on +44 (0)1291 689774 or e-mail us here.

    Dingle Way Client Reviews

    4.8/5 based on 28 reviews
    First rate experience with Celtic Trails
    - September 2023
    Celtic Trails are very well organised. The trip has had a positive impact on my mind and we've made great memories.
    - September 2023
    Everything was handled perfectly, and was extremely well organised. Once again this has exceeded our expectations.
    - September 2023
    Celtic Trails makes sure that the bed and the shower are extremely comfortable, and that our hosts are the friendliest ambassadors for their communities. And they move our luggage so the hike is even more pleasant! Thanks for sharing your expertise!
    - September 2023
    Wonderful walks organised by attentive, prompt staff.
    - August 2023
    I would recommend Celtic Trails.
    - July 2023
    Celtic Trails handled all of our accommodation and transfers for us and our luggage without a problem. Their representative Claire met with us enroute to make sure all was going well. Celtic Trails handled everything as promised.
    - July 2023
    A walking holiday is such a great way to disconnect from the workaday world. I wish I could do this more often. Honestly, this was just perfect!
    - June 2023
    Well coordinated, flexible and excellent communication. Our accommodation hosts were lovely and went above & beyond.
    - June 2023
    Our experience with Celtic Trails was well organized with personalized service. This walk was a beautiful way to recharge my batteries.
    - April 2023
    Celtic Trails were professional and did what was contracted. They were very valued by B&B partners, which says a lot. The first 4 - 5 days of walking were majestic, wild, soul-centring. :LOVED the Heritage Center in Dungrin - it made the trip in many w
    - September 2022
    Celtic Trails offer well organised walking tours. They are flexible for personal needs and according to the weather. We would recommend
    - June 2022
    Celtic Trails offer and excellent and prompt service, with excellent organisation. I had a very pleasant time.
    - May 2022
    Our first time with a company - we will use again next year. Celtic Trails were competent, friendly, efficient, knowledgeable and responsive. We enjoyed meeting people along the way and the scenery on the Dingle Peninsula. All hosts went over and abov
    - April 2022
    Celtic Trails arranges most of the details so you can just walk. This holiday was an amazing way to slowly take in the beautiful countryside and vistas.
    - July 2021
    Celtic Trails were very efficient. The staff was timely and responsive. The walk was a delightful introduction to Ireland, the home of our daughter and son in law. The Dingle Peninsula is a spectacular location and the people were terrific.
    - July 2021
    The holiday went without a hitch. It was very well organised with a good choice of accommodations. The Dingle Way went through very beautiful coastal scenery, lovely empty beaches and dramatic cliffs. We didn't see many walkers at all and enjoyed the peace and quiet. Walking from place to place in a new part of the country is a very satisfying experience and you get to really know an area.
    - October 2019
    We enjoy the adventure of moving to new places each day without the burden of moving all our stuff ourselves. We meet and chat to all the others sharing the route, but don't have to spend too long with them all (like you do in Ramblers Groups).
    - September 2019
    The advice Nathan gave us on where to take extra days was excellent. Each "rest" day worked perfectly. This has been emotionally relaxing / refreshing, which is why we do this type of holiday.
    - September 2019
    Celtic Trails were very efficient and provided detailed plans. We feel more refreshed and healthier after the walk.
    - August 2019
    Celtic Trails were splendid - everything was efficient, friendly and trouble-free. We are very pleased with our achievement.
    - August 2019
    Celtic Trails was an affordable, excellent quality, luxury self-guided tour company…We’ll definitely recommend Celtic Trails to all our friends and colleagues
    - June 2019
    Your maps and guide were extremely detailed, accurate and very helpful. The transfers were excellent - above and beyond. Celtic Trails was an affordable, excellent quality, luxury self-guided tour company, who partners with the best locale guider in Dingle! Everywhere we walked was beautiful. The seafood was delicious and we enjoyed a traditional session (music) in a Dingle Pub.
    - June 2019
    Always perfect. We have recommended Celtic Trails quite often.
    - May 2019
    We most enjoyed the hospitality of our hosts, scenery and food. A special thank you for responding so quickly and efficiently to all our enquiries.
    - September 2018
    Most enjoyed the variety of scenery.
    - June 2018
    "Excellent - would have no hesitation in recommending Celtic Trails."
    - April 2017
    "This was among our very best walk, the scenery in Ireland is so spectacular that it virtually defies description - we'd never use anyone other than Celtic Trails!"
    - May 2015
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