5 to 6 nights
43 mls (km)
South Wales
Mar to Oct

The UK’s First Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

  • Three Cliffs Bay, a dramatic stretch of coastline that needs to be seen to be believed
  • Rhossili Beach - voted one of the best coastlines in the world by National Geographic
  • See the Wreck of the Helvetia, the remains of a Viking ship on the shores of Rhossili
  • The iconic Worm's Head - a distinctive rock promontory separated by a causeway near Rhossili
  • The beautiful scenery of the Mumbles, from the pier to Mumbles head and Bracelet Bay
📷Pwlldu Bay Pwlldu-Gower-Coast-Path

Walking the Gower Coast Path

The Gower is widely celebrated for its natural beauty, but the landscape is also rich in heritage. Rhossili Bay on the west coast of the peninsula is the most famous of the local sites, with its dramatic promontory at Worm's Head and tidal beach sweeping across the landscape. It makes an excellent starting point for exploring the area further, perhaps by climbing the steep stairs to the picturesque Old Rectory to follow the Wales Coast Path, or by wandering over to the peaceful Mewslade Bay - only accessible at low tide.

Award-Winning Coastline

There's no better place to appreciate the tidal landscape than Three Cliffs Bay, with its continually changing maze of pools, dunes and marshes dominated by three majestic limestone cliffs jutting out into the sea. From there it's a stone's throw to the many secluded bays that the south coast is dotted with. These will appeal to those seeking remoteness and shelter - and they did so historically too, with nearby caves attracting 18th century bootleggers. With us you can follow the trail of their illicit 'business activities' and visit the aptly-named Brandy Cove.

The historically inclined can follow a trail linking the many castles scattered across the peninsula, taking in fortified manor houses and imposing ruins, while the sprawling marshy landscape of Llanrhidian Sands abounds in wildlife and will dazzle even seasoned birdwatchers. With us you'll be able to explore all this and more at your own pace, and be able to truly enjoy and understand an area so rich in natural and cultural heritage.

For more information or advice on walking the Gower Coast Path, please call our walk team today - they'll be delighted to help you with your holiday plans.

Celtic Trails Walking Holidays is Wales' oldest walking company and has over 26 years’ experience providing tailored, high-quality itineraries for walkers who appreciate good service, comfort and organisation.

Walking Map for the Gower Coast Path
Our Gower Coast Path holiday leads around the peninsula from Pen-clawdd to the Mumbles

Path Walkthrough

The Gower Coast Path meets a variety of beaches and coves, between which are stretches of marsh, forest track and field. Hillsides covered with gorse overhang the shoreline, and from here the route often drops and weaves up and over the dunes. There can be long stretches of dune walking (the path between Port Eynon, Rhossili and the Mumbles), but walkers should find that the variety of terrain breaks up any feelings of monotony on this path.

Whereas the route has few steep sections, the going underfoot can become uneven, with tumbled stone paths a common occurrence. Indeed, a lot of the path is quite wild in between the region's beaches, with long stretches out in open landscape. Around the beach-side areas, you can expect crowds at the height of the summer season, but also somewhere to recuperate with a cup of coffee and cake along the way.

Our Gower Coast Path Itineraries

  • Penclawdd – Mumbles
    Distance: 43 miles (69km)
    6 Nights, 5 Days
    from £815 pp
    GCP1 ~ Penclawdd – Mumbles ~ 6 / 5 classic
    Day 1Arrive Llanmadoc 3n
    Day 2(t) Penclawdd to Llanmadoc9 mls /14.5 km
    Day 3Llanmadoc to Hillend (t)8 mls /12.9 km
    Day 4(t) Hillend to Port Eynon (t)9.3 mls /15 km1n
    Day 5(t) Port Eynon to Southgate (t)9.3 mls /15 km2n
    Day 6(t) Southgate to Mumbles7.5 mls /12.1 km
    Day 7Depart Mumbles 
    (t) = transfer required to / from the path as standard.
    (n) = no. of night's stay as standard.
    Transfers and stays may change based on availability during busy periods.

    or ask us a question
    What's Included:
    5 walking days
    6 nights
    6 breakfasts
    2024 Prices
    5 Nights, 4 Days
    from £725 pp
    GCP2 ~ Penclawdd – Mumbles ~ 5 / 4 classic
    Day 1Arrive Llanmadoc 3n
    Day 2(t) Penclawdd to Llanmadoc9 mls /14.5 km
    Day 3Llanmadoc to Rhossili (t)10.2 mls /16.4 km
    Day 4(t) Rhossili to Oxwich (t)11.6 mls /18.7 km2n
    Day 5(t) Oxwich to Mumbles11.9 mls /19.2 km
    Day 6Depart Mumbles 
    (t) = transfer required to / from the path as standard.
    (n) = no. of night's stay as standard.
    Transfers and stays may change based on availability during busy periods.

    or ask us a question
    What's Included:
    4 walking days
    5 nights
    5 breakfasts
    2024 Prices
    • Good standard accommodation at a mixture of guesthouses, farmhouses, local inns and B&Bs with en-suite or private facilities wherever possible
    • Breakfast
    • Luggage transfers
    • Personal transfer between accommodation and path that form a part of our standard package
    • Route planning
    • Walk pack including Trail Guide and mapping, itinerary, accommodation directions and route notes, lunch and dinner information, restaurant recommendations and holiday planning details

    You choose which day you would like your holiday to start on. We will book your holiday in accordance with your requirements.

    Our Gower Coast Path holidays are available to walk March to October.

    We recommend walking this route from between spring and autumn - as is often the case with Welsh weather, conditions can be changeable, so bringing waterproofs in your day pack is always encouraged, especially when travelling along the coast.

    Train: Railway stations are located in Gowerton and Swansea (for Mumbles) ~ www.nationalrail.co.uk

    Bus: Bus stations are located at Gowerton, Penclawdd, Swansea and Oystermouth (8 minutes walk from Mumbles) ~ www.traveline.cymru

    Fly: Nearest airport is Cardiff International

    Car: If you prefer to arrive by car, we can advise on car parking arrangements.

    Looking for different mileages or a different number of nights? Please contact us to discuss how our itineraries can be adjusted to meet your specific needs. Call one of our helpful team on +44 (0)1291 689774 or e-mail us here.

    Gower Coast Path Client Reviews

    4.8/5 based on 44 reviews
    This trip has had a positive impact on our mental health and a perfect opportunity to de-stress.
    - September 2023
    Very happy with my walk with Celtic Trails, all worked out as expected and as it should have.
    - September 2023
    Celtic Trails paid excellent attention to detail when planning our trip and there were good choices for hotels and B&B's.
    - August 2023
    Very good, prompt, clear instructions from Celtic Trails. The scenery both on the coast & the cliff tops made this particular holiday so enjoyable.
    - April 2023
    Celtic Trails were efficient, informative and very practical. A lot easier than organising it yourself. This was an excellent venue for walking with very varied landscape / topography. Hadrian's Wall next.
    - September 2022
    Our experience with Celtic Trails was very well organised. There was great variety on this 4 day walk. Spectacular scenery. One very wet day didn't spoil the experience.
    - September 2022
    Celtic Trails offer good organisation and communication. A good company to use when dealing with accommodations for more than one night. Stunning scenery, great weather, good company.
    - September 2022
    We loved the changing scenery, from the flat salt marshes at the beginning, to the cliffs, rocks and sandy beaches further on. Celtic Trails were very helpful - would recommend.
    - September 2022
    Celtic Trails take all of the work out of planning and incredible walking holiday. I'm feeling fit and fantastic after this holiday. The Welsh people are the real treasures of this walk.
    - September 2022
    Our experience with Celtic Trails was well organised: good instructions and careful choice of bed and breakfasts.
    - September 2022
    Celtic Trails were well organised. Easier than DIY. Excellent accommodation and transfers. The Gower is a beautiful and has a varied coastline. Enjoyed it all.
    - July 2022
    It was good to walk in the UK this time as all our previous long distance have been abroad. We had brilliant weather and coastal scenery beautiful. We have pressed our re-set buttons!
    - July 2022
    Using Celtic Trails meant a hassle free experience. Luggage transfer felt like a luxury and it was fab not to have to organise everything for a change. Amazing views, met lots of friendly people. Fab chance to spend quality time with son.
    - July 2022
    I always tell others that Celtic Trails choose the very best B&Bs, organise everything perfectly and offer very personal services, taking individual needs into account. This holiday made me feel fitter and eager to go on another Celtic Trails holiday.
    - June 2022
    Celtic Trails were well organised, booked a high standard of accommodation and the taxi transfers helped us to focus on the walk rather than the logistics.
    - June 2022
    Celtic Trails were very helpful and efficient. I felt I was in safe hands when I set off. I loved the variety of scenery and lack of other walkers.
    - March 2022
    We have used Celtic Trails numerous times, always excellent. Much better than other companies. They work hard to create itineraries that suit the client and they choose excellent accommodation. All planning and communication is first class.
    - July 2021
    The scenery on the whole walk was absolutely stunning. We took our swimming kit and had a couple of lovely swims in Oxwich Bay and Caswell Bay - it was just gorgeous. Celtic Trails were a well organised, good, friendly service.
    - July 2021
    Everything went according to plan and no hiccups. A very pleasant experience after the turmoil of the last year. The wild flowers were amazing at this time of year. We enjoy moving and staying in different places.
    - June 2021
    Celtic Trails were friendly and organised. Better than other companies - better accommodation and breakfast.
    - June 2021
    A great experience overall. Well organised and great B&Bs, hosts and transfers.
    - June 2021
    Professional and know the market very well - good network of places to stay / eat. This walk had a very positive impact on my health and well-being - one of my 'bucket list' experiences.
    - May 2021
    The people were so friendly and welcoming. Awesome scenery. Great way to really experience a region. Celtic Trails were smooth and professional. Timely responses.
    - September 2019
    All the information was accurate and really helpful. All the transfers were absolutely perfect. I have informed everyone that Celtic Trails provide a first class service and would highly recommend. We have always wanted to walk around the Gower Coast and were not disappointed. We loved every minute of our holiday. The scenery was absolutely breathtakingly stunning and people were so friendly and welcoming.
    - September 2019
    Celtic Trails were: easy to book, accommodation is obviously well researched, taxis tried, trusted and reliable. It was out first visit to the Gower and it will not be our last. Everyone we met was helpful, even though we went at the end of the season. Breathtaking views at regular intervals along the way. Loved the walks on unspoiled beaches with few folk on them. A bit of history to take in, sites of interest and wildlife to spot. We saw kestrels, herons, seals, choughs and lots of butterflies. A long distance walk is a bit of a challenge, but due to the excellent planning, it was achievable.
    - September 2019
    We loved Wales! Beautiful vistas and beaches. Had a LOVELY time. Celtic Trails' information and service was excellent. Good accommodations. Affordable.
    - August 2019
    Celtic Trails were competent, reliable and very well-organised. We wanted to get away from crowded beach resorts and be completely immersed in a natural environment.
    - July 2019
    Very impressed from booking through to support and service. All worked like clockwork - thanks.
    - July 2019
    Celtic Trails were good from start to finish; much better than other companies as everything was more organised and information very detailed. This walk was good for the mind and body. I have already walked Pembrokeshire and Ceredigion Coast Paths and loved the Gower Coast path too - such stunning beaches.
    - July 2019
    Celtic Trails were well organised, they provided good overnight accommodation and had our luggage moved on, on time and waiting in the correct place - we would recommend them to a friend. We enjoyed the peace, scenery and solitude - it was all very revitalising.
    - June 2019
    It was an excellent experience, with the ease of an organised group adventure trip, but was so nice to be able to go as a family and at our own pace. Great to get constant exercise (and relaxation) so many days in a row, which is so difficult with work!
    - June 2019
    Very well organised and reliable arrangement. Good local information.
    - May 2019
    We would recommend Celtic Trails to a friend - really good organisation, absolutely trouble free walking. This walk was a great pick-me-up. It also gave us confidence for longer walks.
    - April 2019
    - March 2019
    Excellent overall experience. Very efficient luggage and baggage transfers. All accommodations 5/5.
    - September 2018
    All accommodations were 5/5. We most enjoyed the landscape of the Gower Coast.
    - August 2018
    All luggage transfers carried our as arranged. Celtic Trails met our expectations.
    - July 2018
    Excellent accommodations. Contact with Celtic Trails excellent.
    - June 2018
    An excellent experience overall. All accommodations at least 4.5/5 and luggage transfers carried out as arranged.
    - June 2018
    Celtic Trails information package was very concise - this was very helpful. Accommodations were all excellent.
    - May 2018
    An excellent holiday overall - we most enjoyed the scenery, the weather, the challenge and the company.
    - April 2018
    Luggage transfers carried out very efficiently.
    - April 2018
    "Thanks Nathan. You were great & we enjoyed dealing with you. Next time Ireland!"
    - August 2017
    "Other than the odd minor niggle (no pub directly on the path) we had a brilliant time. Thank you."
    - July 2013
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