A UK walking holiday is certainly a very different experience to going mountaineering, not just in the amount of energy you need to expend, but more a case of the equipment you need. However, here at Celtic Trails we do strongly advise that you do plenty of research with regard to what you should take with you when you set out for a day’s walking, particularly as we all know how quickly the British weather can change!

One thing we can strongly recommend is that you invest in a good pair of sturdy walking boots which these days will cost between £35 and £350. For your first walking holiday we certainly don’t advise spending more on a pair of boots than the actual cost of your holiday, and if you are an occasional ‘walker’ then we can assure you that the quality of a pair of boots around the £35-£75 mark will more than suffice. One little tip we would like to give you is not to buy a new pair of walking boots the day before you set off on your walking holiday but instead by them a month or so before and ‘break them in’.

By this we just mean for you to wear them seven or eight times, perhaps when you go out to do the shopping, or even if you just fancy stretching your legs for half an hour. Wearing them for shorter periods of time will save you getting blisters while the boots become more supple and flexible. The last thing you need on a weekend walking holiday is to get a blister on your heel within a couple of hours of setting out on the first day!

There is an excellent article in the Independent newspaper on the types of walking boot available, covering the whole range. However, you will be pleased to see that number one on their list and marked as a ‘Best Buy’ are the Regatta Borderline Mid boots at £49.95.

If you haven’t yet booked your walking holiday, then make sure you get in contact with us here at Celtic Trails and while you are breaking in your new walking boots, we can certainly find a great choice of places for you to take your UK walking holiday.

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