Whichever way we turn these days, the watch words seem to be “exercise is good for your health”. This is actually not breaking science but a fact which has been known for centuries. However, with a massive change in our everyday diet thanks predominantly to the introduction of processed food which contains considerable amounts of salt and sugar, ready meals and fast-food restaurant, perhaps today more than ever exercise really has become important.

Exercise is simply doing something that increases your heart rate for short periods of time. As an example, 15 minutes of brisk walking every day is considered good for your heart. Now doesn’t that sound more achievable than spending an hour on a treadmill in the gymnasium? Most of us can manage a brisk walk and we wouldn’t even associate that with exercise, and we usually feel quite good at the end of it. So if walking isn’t all bad, then surely that means a walking holiday doesn’t sound like a contradiction in terms.One of the problems is that where exercise is concerned, the majority of us have an image of breaking into a severe sweat and half-killing yourself down at the local health club or gymnasium. This isn’t just exercise, this is punishment, almost an element of your life that is there to remind you that where food is concerned you have been very ‘naughty’. In reality, this is not what exercise should be all about.

Here at Celtic Trails we specialise in walking holidays in the UK and we are extremely proud to be offering an exceptional range of walking holidays that we know are beneficial to the health of all our customers. So, why not give us a call and let’s see if we can find the perfect UK walking holiday for you?

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