The best walking holidays in England don’t come much more educational than this. Those who enjoy a touch of history need look no further than the beautiful Jurassic Coast. With 185 million years of history on show, it’s England’s first natural World Heritage Site. So, let’s find out a little bit more about this history-rich area of on the south coast of the UK…

We have coastal erosion to thank for the heritage on show at The Jurassic Coast, which spans 96 miles from East Devon to East Dorset. Erosion over the years has revealed rock formations that can be dated back to the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods.

What this erosion has revealed is that the area has been many things over the course of time, including desert, tropical sea and marshland. Studies have shown that it was, in fact, desert during the Triassic era, tropical sea during the Jurassic period and finally marsh throughout the Cretaceous. Not only that, the area is home to many fossilised creatures which have been frozen in time within the rock itself, visible to those who care to look for them.

The Jurassic Coast is also responsible for the discovery of extinction and subsequently the study of fossils, also known as palaeontology. It was at the turn of the 18th century that French naturalist and zoologist, George Culver used fossils from the area to demonstrate that the animals resembled no living ones.

However, history isn’t the only thing that The Jurassic Coast has to offer for those in search of walking holidays in the UK. It also boasts stunning beach views, awe-inspiring cliffs and tranquil coves that will inspire even the most well-travelled walkers. With fresh fossils being discovered all the time, why not make your next walking holiday in England a walk through time?

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