If you’re new to Celtic Trails, you may have a few questions before booking a self-guided walking holiday with us. Below we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you.

If you can’t find the right information here, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and one of our friendly team will be happy to help with your queries.

Finding The Right Holiday For You

Preparing for Your Walking Holiday

Celtic Trails Service

Booking Your Holiday


Finding Your Walking Holiday

How Does a Self-guided Walking Holiday Work?

‘Self-Guided’ (also called Independent) walking holidays mean walking a designated long-distance trail, without a guide or joining a large group.

You choose the dates you’d like to start, the number of walking days, your preferred daily distances and any rest days you’d like to add.
Most clients enjoy walking together with a partner or friend for the shared experience.


What’s Typically Included?

  • Best accommodation of its type available.
  • Breakfast (certain itineraries also include a number of packed lunch and dinners)
  • Daily luggage transfer: Each day your luggage is collected and transferred  to your next nights’ accommodation.
  • Personal transfer to and from the path where needed
  • Personal ‘Walk Pack’, with your bespoke itinerary. Route maps, guidebooks, accommodation details and local information you will need daily for the journey – please see for here further details
  • 24/7 Emergency support: On your holiday, we are always available on our office lines (9am – 5pm) or on our emergency line for out of office hours


How Do I Choose the Right Walk for Me?

Please refer to our ‘Choosing The Right Walking Holiday‘ page.

Choosing the right walk can depend on what interests you in a walking holiday: Country, scenery, escape, culture, history, etc.,

Then consider the terrain; hills, coastline, countryside, river, and average daily distances, according to your ability.

Our walks are also graded in terms of difficulty, with a choice of itineraries for different mileages.


I’ve Never Walked a Long-distance Path Before, Which Do You Recommend?

Much depends on how much walking you are normally used to (please see below).

A good first choice would be the Thames Path with easy walking and straightforward navigation.

The Norfolk Coast Path is pleasant coastal walk. Further north the Dales Way is an easy scenic trail through the lovely Yorkshire Dales.

Our ‘Choose Your Walking Holiday Page’ can help you further, but if unsure please call us for more advice on any walk you are considering.


Our Service

I Want to Do Something Outside of Your Standard Itinerary

We would be delighted to arrange a bespoke walking holiday. Celtic Trails has over 26 years of arranging tailored itineraries to suit individual needs.

Please call us or e-mail with your requirements.


Can I Walk on My Own?

Walking by your self is not a problem, and we will be happy to arrange a solo walking holiday.

Please note that prices for accommodation are based on two sharing a room each night, and therefore we will require a single supplement.

Single supplements can be found in each itinerary we send out, as well as in the ‘Price Info.’ panel of each Walking Holiday on our website.


Can a Friend Join Me for Part of the Walk?

We’re more than happy to arrange this, provided you let us know in advance.


What Back-up (support) is Available?

We are always available on our 24-hour emergency number should you encounter any difficulties during our out of office hours.

If you’re walking in Europe, the same principles apply, but you’ll also have assistance from our local partners close by should you need it while out on the trail.


Where will We Stay?

We hand-pick our accommodation based on proximity to the path, local partnerships and most importantly, walker reviews and experience.

We generally use high-standard B&Bs, although we are happy to upgrade your accommodation to hotels where available.


What if I Get Lost?

All National Trails and Long-Distance Paths (LDPs) are well way-marked. You will also have detailed maps and route notes in your ‘Walk Pack‘.

In the event of straying off the path, don’t panic! With a little patience you should soon pick up the path again.

But this is where we cannot stress highly enough the value of devoting a little time to studying your map in detail before you set off, and taking an old-fashioned compass to ensure you know you are walking in the right direction.


Where Do We Eat?

Breakfast is always included. For certain itineraries a number of packed lunches and dinners are also included.

For the rest, you can either buy a packed lunch from your hosts where available (remember to order the night before) or from a local shop. Full lunch details are included in your ‘Walk Pack‘.

Some accommodations offer evening meals in house, and details of the best local places to eat (based on walker experience) are included in the ‘Walk Pack’. Transfers to restaurants and pubs for evening meals may be included where the distance is too far.


I Have a Special Diet/Allergy?

Specific diets, medical conditions or allergies can be catered for.

Please let us know at the time of booking, and we’ll advise your accommodation(s) prior to your arrival.


Can I Bring a Dog With Me?

We offer a handful of dog-friendly breaks. Please contact us directly for more information. 


Do You Transfer Luggage?

Yes, your gear will be transported to your accommodation each night. After a day’s walk, all your luggage will be waiting for you.

Unfortunately we can’t offer this as a stand-alone service.


Preparing for Your Walking Holiday

How Do I Get to the Start of My Walk?

For most itineraries travel arrangements are not included in the price. However, if you’re travelling via public transport we can advise on the best possible way of getting to the start of your walk, as well as arrange taxi transfers from airports/train/bus stations where necessary.

If you’re travelling by car, your choice of where you can leave that car is largely dependent on the walk you’re taking. Ring ahead for advice, and please always wait until we have confirmed your booking before making travel arrangements


How Fit Do I Need to Be?

Walking is what we were designed to do by nature. A rigorous training plan isn’t necessary, but if you’re new to long-distance walking, you will need to familiarise with being on foot for long stretches of time.

Each of our holidays is assigned a grade which will help you match an itinerary to your level of fitness/ability. Full details of our grading can be found here.

Generally, some regular outings ahead of the start of holiday, 6-8 miles preferably over rolling terrain, will make it all the more enjoyable; and you’ll find the initial walking day less of an uphill challenge!

If you are still unsure, please don’t hesitate in contacting us.


What Sort of Footwear Do I Need?

Never skimp on footwear. Trainers/Sneakers/Runners will not work! Good quality waterproof walking boots or sturdy walking shoes (fabric/leather with a firm grip) are essential to the success of a walking trip.

Wear in your new footwear well in advance of your holiday, as it’s best to discover any potential rubbing spots before the walk. Two pairs of thin socks are preferable to one pair of thick socks in warmer weather, and the boots and socks you wear are best bought together.


What Sort of Clothing is Best?

The most important factor is to have the right kit for the season and region you’re hiking in.

Research the local weather of your destination before you leave, and have a good quality waterproof jacket (a good outer layer is essential) and trousers.

A more detailed recommend list on what to wear is included in your ‘Walk Pack‘.


I’m Travelling from Outside the UK, What Do I Do About a Phone?

We recommend that you call your phone provider in advance of your walk to arrange a suitable call and data package.

Alternatively, you can buy a UK SIM card on arrival to use with your existing handset. Please ensure that your phone is unlocked if you choose to pursue this method.

SIM cards are available to purchase at phone shops in most major airports and train stations, as well as supermarkets and large newsagents.


Do I Need to Take out Travel Insurance?

Taking out adequate travel insurance is an absolute essential for covering unforeseen circumstances and is a requirement of our booking conditions. It is the responsibility of the client to arrange their own travel insurance.

Policy details will differ between providers, but what you should be covered for is:

  • Lost or stolen property
  • Emergency medical attention
  • The costs of cancelling, delaying or cutting your trip short
  • Personal liability


Booking Your Walking Holiday

How Do I Book?

We provide three easy ways to book; online, by phone or via a downloadable form you can send back to us.

You can find full details on how to book your walking holidays here.


When Should I Book?

Booking early is the best policy to take, we will endeavour to book all holidays but leaving it last minute usually affects accommodation availability.


What If I Have to Cancel?

How far in advance you cancel your walking holiday will affect how much of your payment we can refund.

For more information on our Cancellation Policy, please read our Terms & Conditions.


Is My Money Protected?

Yes, in the unlikely event of Celtic Trails’ insolvency your booking is financially protected by ABTOT. See full details in the ‘Financial protection’ section of our Booking Conditions 


For Further Information:

Get in touch via phone or email and we’ll be more than happy to answer any queries or concerns.

Phone: 01291 689774 (UK) | +441291 689774 (from outside the UK)

E-mail: walk@celtic-trails.com


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