Short Walks, Big Rewards

Striking out into the wild on foot can bring achievement, adventure, beauty and tranquillity but you don’t need to be a dedicated walking enthusiast to enjoy the benefits. We’ve carefully selected some beginner walking itineraries to help you escape into nature, without prior experience.

So whether you’re new to long-distance walking, or just seeking an outdoor getaway at a different pace, these beginner walks are designed for shorter overall daily distances, with the emphasis on routes that really capture the best of the area you’re visiting. From short getaways in West Wales, to week-long sunshine filled strolls through Tuscany – you don’t need to cover a lot of ground to experience Europe’s most breathtaking natural sites.

With our support, you can start walking without having to let any of the logistics get in your way. All you have do is set out safe in the knowledge that you won’t have to lug your worldly possessions with you and that after a long day out exploring the countryside – you’ll have a warm welcome as well as your luggage waiting for you in our hand-picked high-standard B&Bs.

Finding your way isn’t an issue either. With our comprehensive route guides and 24-hour service, you’ll have our full back-up every step of the way. Can’t see anything that works for you? Then browse our full list of Beginners Walking Holidays to find the right walk for you.

Recommended Itineraries for Beginners

Solva to Abereiddi (PCB-SDB1)
An ideal introduction to a truly special part of the world - charming old fishing villages, clifftop-views over West Wales - without the more challenging sections that this path can bring. Return each night to the UK's smallest city (St Davids).

Itinerary Details
Duration: 3 nights, 2 days
Length: 20.5 miles (32.9km)
Price from: £290

Montepulciano to Siena (ITA-VDO)
An enchanting landscape of vineyards, golden wheat fields and grand renaissance architecture. Daily distances are all under 10 miles, with the emphasis on taking in your surroundings at a relaxing pace best suited for discovery.

Itinerary Details
Duration: 7 nights, 6 days
Length: 57.5 miles (78km)
Price from: £760

St Peters Port Circular (GUR1) Keeping the sea at one hand, navigation around the island where French and English culture meet couldn’t be easier. This circular coastal route around Guernsey’s pristine beaches and wild countryside offers walkers unspoilt island scenery at a relaxed and easy pace.

Itinerary Details
Duration: 6 nights, 5 days
Length: 38 miles (61km)
Price from: £575

Corbridge to Brampton (HWP4)
The history here is as much a part of the hike through wild, Northumberland scenery. Our route takes in the most complete and impressive sections of the wall as well as the area’s best preserved Roman forts and fascinating museums.

Itinerary Details
Duration: 5 nights, 4 days
Length: 33 miles (53.1km)
Price from: £415

Chepstow to Hereford (WVW5)
While it may be a bit longer than other hikes on our list, we felt it would be a shame not to include a route that offers the easiest way to experience some of the Wye Valley’s famous vantage points. From Eagle’s Nest to Devil Pulpit, the views are stunning; and the riverside towns and villages on the way are particularly memorable.

Itinerary Details
Duration: 7 nights, 6 days
Length: 53 miles (85.2km)
Price from: £585

Llangollen Circular (LLB1)
It’s tough to find another trail so short that takes in so much - Chirk Castle, Pontcysyllte Aqueduct and Castell Dinas Brown – within such close quarters. However, the charming Welsh border of Llangollen, and the serenity of the surrounding countryside is more than worth the hike.

Itinerary Details
Duration: 3 nights, 2 days
Length: 19 miles (30.5km)
Price from: £265