Discover New Horizons with Summer Walking Holidays

This year, go for the undiscovered. Tread the hills, cliffs and coast of some of the most naturally beautiful areas of Europe, making the most of the brighter, warmer days — at a fraction of the crowds.

From island treks to alpine hills lined with vineyards, a summer walking holiday is ideal for anyone seeking respite from the cramped and claustrophobic feelings a crowded summer holiday can all too often inspire.

So, if you’re in search of somewhere new this summer, we’ve got you covered. With these selected routes, you’re exploring places that have retained much of their natural beauty, historic features and local culture; alternative ways of exploring the great outdoors this summer, in places often overlooked next to their crowded counterparts.

It’s not just about avoiding the crowds, or finding the last room in packed summer hotels and B&B’s — year on year, surges of visitors take their toll on what made the most popular routes in Europe special in the first place. So, why not buck the trend and opt for a secluded, more authentic outdoor adventure?

Recommended Summer Walks

Northwestern Italy
7 nights | 55 mls | From: £665

Even at the height of the summer, the idyllic vineyard landscapes of the Langhe region are rarely troubled by mass-tourism. Visiting in the run-up to the grape harvests, beginning in September, can be an ideal time to visit winemakers, who have more time than usual to let visitors sample vintages.

Mid Wales
6 to 15 nights | 75 to 133 mls | From: £520

One of the most remote, tranquil routes in Wales, with the added benefit of the excellent waymarking and route plotting that comes with its National Trail status. Discover the quiet beauty of the Cambrian Hills, one of the last remaining truly wild places in Southern Britain.

Canary Islands
7 nights | 68 mls | From: £950

A year-round ‘goldilocks’ climate (warm, but breezy) makes the quietest of the Canaries ideal for a nature-filled getaway. Known as ‘Isle Bonita’ (the pretty island) for its unspoilt, dramatic landscapes, this walk takes in the Caldera de Taburiente National Park, a protected environment set within a huge volcanic crater.

Central Scotland
6 to 7 nights | 64 mls | From: £530

Trek through quiet, breath-takingly beautiful highlands scenery without a single soul around for miles. As the trail loops around expansive loch and forest, discover some of Scotland’s most grand, open landscapes, beginning and ending your walk in the picturesque Victorian town of Blairgowrie.

Southwest Ireland
4 to 7 nights | 38 to 81 mls | From: £595

Perfect for travellers looking to escape the summer crowds, this walking holiday offers exploration through quiet, beautiful scenery and a warm, lively welcome waiting for you at the colourful harbour towns and charming villages you spend the night in after an active day’s out in the fresh, sea air.

Northern Scotland
7 to 8 nights | 63 mls | From: £645

Just a stone’s throw away from the mainland, walking the Isle of Arran offers a convenient island retreat, an escape to long stretches of pristine, empty beaches. Our itinerary loops around the entire island, walking in invigorating sea air with the sea on one hand, and the forests and peaks of Goatfell further inland.