Nothing calms the mind and feeds the soul like the blue expanse of the Irish Sea. Where the blue waves meet the watery horizon there lives hope, renewal and a tranquillity that lends a perceptive that allows the mind to make the impossible within grasp and the future as malleable as the sand that skirts the waterline. The Anglesey Coastal Path offers the perfect place to ease your mind and gain a renewed perspective in a landscape that never fails to capture the heart and soul of all who visit.

As it skirts the small Welsh island of Anglesey, the path tours its walkers through its rich past. The ruins of Porth Wen brickworks on the east side of the island are awe-inspiring during the day and romantic in the warmth of the evening sunset. With clear remnants of the works in existence, it is easy to imagine the lives and loves of the people who worked inside its walls. This truly is one of the path’s most magnificent spots.

Beyond the beautiful town of Beaumaris, your feet will take you along the path to Penmon Point and to the 13th century Penmon Priory. The stunning remains of the priory and its neighbouring dovecote give way to a country lane that hides a beautiful pebble beach dominated by Trwyn Du Lighthouse. The wondrous sight is offered forth only on the last few steps of the tarmac road, but once spied, it captivates all who walk before it.

If feeling closer to nature and the ties that bind Earth’s species together is what helps you to relax, then look no further than one of the path’s most tranquil spots: Cemlyn Bay. The sweeping beach shares its space with a wonderful and rich wildlife, including Arctic Terns – the bird to be found on the path’s familiar logo.

Let the world before you open your mind and weave its calm spell upon your heart as you tread one of the UK’s most magnificent and inspirational long distance footpaths: one that is guaranteed to touch your heart.

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