White Cliffs Dorset

The Jurassic Coast: a walk amongst dinosaurs

The best walking holidays in England don’t come much more educational than this. Those who enjoy a touch of history need look no further than the beautiful Jurassic Coast. With 185 million years of history on show, it’s Engla...
Post written by Celtic Trails on November 24, 2016 (modified October 18, 2017)
The Rumps, Polzeath, North Cornwall

How to prepare for a walking holiday: a three-step guide

Walking holidays give you an incomparable opportunity to reconnect with nature, take in scenes of soul-stirring natural beauty and even get acquainted with local history. However, if you’ve never been on one before, you may be unsure of ...
Post written by Celtic Trails on November 11, 2016 (modified October 18, 2017)
Rota Vicentina self-guided walking holidays, winter walking holidays in Europe

Introducing Our Walking Holidays In Europe

Winter may be approaching all too quickly, but fear not, for the walking season is not over. Celtic Trails are delighted to announce the launch of a series of European walks this autumn aimed at blowing away those winter blues. Each walk...
Post written by Ben Cunningham on November 4, 2016 (modified August 22, 2017)
Blakeney cliffs at the coast

The highlights of the Norfolk Coast Path

To take a ramble along the Norfolk Coast Path is to immerse oneself in the crown of the English coastline. On a tailored Norfolk Coast Path walk from Hunstanton to Cromer, you can take in Victorian splendour, expansive beaches and divers...
Post written by Celtic Trails on October 20, 2016 (modified October 26, 2017)
Llandudno Pier

Turn back the clock on the North Wales coastal path

The clang of quarry men at work, as the Welsh coastline is cut from the innards of the earth, meets the gentle lapping of the Irish Sea as you walk the North Wales section of the Wales Coastal Path. Steeped in history and hosting a myria...
Post written by Celtic Trails on October 6, 2016 (modified July 4, 2017)
walking holidays in the UK

Coleridge Way – a trail of literary nostalgia

For a scenic literary experience, walk the Coleridge Way. Having previously been followed by Samuel Taylor Coleridge and William Wordsworth, this walking trail will provide its travellers with a sense of nostalgia. Situated in the scenic...
Post written by Celtic Trails on September 20, 2016 (modified October 18, 2017)
walking holidays

Anglesey Coastal Path – walk to tranquillity and a renewed perspective

Nothing calms the mind and feeds the soul like the blue expanse of the Irish Sea. Where the blue waves meet the watery horizon there lives hope, renewal and a tranquillity that lends a perceptive that allows the mind to make the impossib...
Post written by Celtic Trails on September 6, 2016 (modified July 5, 2017)
Celtic Trails Walking Holidays

Three reasons to visit Hadrian’s Wall

You should look no further than Hadrian’s Wall when planning a walking holiday in the UK. Each year thousands flock towards the legendary wall – and with very good reason too! Here are three great reasons why you should visit Hadrian’s W...
Post written by Celtic Trails on August 22, 2016 (modified October 18, 2017)
White Cliffs Dorset

Delightful destinations: dinosaurs and Durdle Door

Every year, millions of British people hop on a plane overseas, blissfully unaware of the beauty they leave behind. Not only does Britain boast gorgeously diverse landscapes suited to every traveller, it also showcases an unbelievable ar...
Post written by Celtic Trails on August 5, 2016 (modified October 18, 2017)
South West Coat Path - Walking Holidays Choose Your Walk

There’s never been a better time to holiday in the UK

Whether you live in the UK or are hoping to visit from abroad, it really is a great summer to visit Britain. With our awe-inspiring scenery and unrivaled heritage there is a tremendous amount to inspire holiday-makers, and now it makes a...
Post written by Alex Cunningham on August 3, 2016 (modified November 8, 2017)

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